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‘The parts are different, but we are inherently the same’

The 2016 executive committee comprises of different members, new roles and a plethora of fresh activities. But the heart of Barré remains the same, Vice President Martin Teo says.

By Annabelle Liang


Barre structure

Q: When did the new committee take over?

The new committee of volunteers took over in December 2015. The current structure is generally still the same as when Rachel and the other founders were on the programme. Stephanie Robert is now the President, and I the Vice President. We had our first meeting in January where we agreed on the work plan for the year, and asked the heads to create a wish list and budget.


Q: What’s the wish list?

It’s a plan of what the different heads hope to achieve for the year. In this plan, the heads suggest a programme(s) they hope to work on and implement. They set a budget so that our treasurer Julianna can get an overview. Nathaniel, the current fundraising head will then know if he needs to run activities to ensure we have sufficient funds to run the suggested programme(s).  After agreement is reached for each team’s wish list, they will run their activities with Steph and I left supporting them.


Q: How is this exco different from the last?

One thing for sure is the same – all serving on the committee are volunteers. We continue to partner with a lot of volunteers And the essence of Barré is the same. The programmes of Barré continues. Fionna, our outreach head, Juliana, our treasurer and Stephanie stayed on from the last committee while the rest are new.

What’s different is that in this new exco, we now have a mission head in Simon, a fundraising head in Nathaniel and co-heads for all the committees. All new positions were not present in the old committee. We are gaining stability because of this change as there is more structure in place, forward planning and support with more people involved. The parts are different, but we are inherently the same.


Q: What has the committee achieved so far?

Simon, our mission head completed two of his five planned missions so far. Dionne, our education head completed the Term 1 syllabus planning. Fionna planned and ran a soup kitchen for our volunteers in March.  Nathaniel is currently planning a fundraising activity for later this year.


Q: Has the partnership with CHARIS grown?

I was a volunteer with CHARIS, and so are two other members in the committee who went up on a mission with Barré to Kontum last year. It was the first time volunteers of CHARIS went up with Barré for a mission. We hope to strengthen our relationship with CHARIS and see how we can work together to maximise resources. For our mission trip in February, the response from our circle of volunteers was not fantastic, so we managed to get four volunteers from CHARIS. Fionna is working with the outreach team to see how we can utilise resources on both ends. The CHARIS website is also linked to the Barré one, so any volunteer who goes there can see our journey.

Nathaniel is also talking to CHARIS to suss out the possibility of grants – provided we run programmes that fall under their infrastructure.

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