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Our Missioners’ Trip to Kontum – February 2016

Three Barre missioners travelled to Kontum from 28 February to 5 March this year. We asked them a couple of questions when they arrived home and here is what they had to say of their experience.


What did you learn from this mission trip?

GILLIAN:   I learned that the Vietnamese students who may not have such easy access to education/learning English are very earnest learners and they pay close attention during class unlike our local kids (or like ourselves when we were students). Even though the Vietnamese students are young adults, at an age where they do not need to really be submissive to authority like young children, they do not take things into their own hands and remain aloof/unattentive in class. They remain even more or as earnest, hardworking and humble as they learn in class.

ANDY: I admire the simple faith of the community. They may not have much but with what they had, it was still possible to have a happy and fulfilling life.

orphanage at church

Do you feel that the local community benefitted from our group being there? If yes, why?

 ANDY: To a certain extent yes, our presence could be seen as a morale booster to the community to show them that they are not alone and they are part of a larger Catholic community. Being there physically with the students is important for their learning process as there are just some things that cannot be communicated through a remote session.


What did you find most beneficial during this mission trip?

 STEPHEN: Personal one on one interaction and coaching with the students of different learning abilities.


Would you go on another mission trip with Barre? Why?

 STEPHEN: YES: 1) The students were keen and grateful for our teaching and sharing. 2) It felt good to participate and contribute in helping others. 3) The local community was warm and friendly especially those I’d met in church during mass.

Upcoming Mission Trips

May 2016: Full

July 2016: Please contact us at missions@barregroup.org should you be interested to find out more.

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